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Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Our professional services can deep clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces using an industrial high pressure washing force up to 275 bars (4,000psi) with a detachable flat surface cleaning system operated by qualified staff,

The unique powerful flat surface cleaning system eliminates the risks of damaging your driveway and easily wipes off any zebra striping and lines caused by domestic power washers. We go out of our way to bring new life into your hard surfaces and paved areas.

We pride on using this best selling UK products for wonderful long lasting results.

We understand the importance of protecting your investment in your property by having a decoratively paved driveway or patio Jet-Washed. We are here to help you maintain that investment and ensure that your property looks its best at all times.Our cleaning service will remove the build up of moss, weeds, surface grime, algae and Oil or Diesel Stains.

We recommend re-sanding and re-sealing your paving to help protect it further, not only does

re-sanding bring new life to your patio or driveway, but by sealing the surface, weeds are prevented from growing back so quickly.


Please get in touch ​for a free quotation.

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